Cassette Playa K_A_R_M_A_G_E_D_D_O_N Fall/Winter Collection Video

So I’m not sure if I am a fan of this collection so far, but this is a very cool and creative way to show your collection!

“Always bright and colorful, influenced by urban culture and inflected with a little bit of ’80s flair, the collection includes brand mainstays such as graphic-printed tees and heavily-patterned outerwear. Increasing their range of products, however, Cassette Playa has also transferred their trademark all-over screen prints to a variety of products as evidenced by the visual exploration.” – Hypebeast

Watch and enjoy!

Fat Tony By Ron English

How could you lose when you wrap Art, Toys, and a Bold Statement all into one package?….You can’t! 😉

This very cool art figure was delivered to me yesterday by the good folks at and cost $50 plus shipping. This original colorway is limited to 500 pieces. (Might be sold-out on site)

“Fat Tony” was created by Ron English and needless to say is an awesome piece. This is a very creative product trough and through, even the box was very well done. I love This “Fat Tony” art piece to death and it makes a great addition to my Vinyl Toy collection.

Check out what Kidrobot had to say about “Fat Tony’ and see some detailed pics below.

“Fatten up your vinyl collection with Ron English’s 100% nutrient free art toy, Fat Tony. This 9-inch tall satirical statue is a delicious shortcut to attention deficit disorder

“Sugary cereals captured the hearts of Young America by giving away cheap toys made in China in every box. This prize at the bottom of the box actually ate the cereal.” – Ron English

Word has this fat cat will be making its way to a toy store near you with this original colorway limited to 500 pieces, followed by more various color combos in editions of 100. A ton of tiger with a short shelf life.”

10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas!

Just trying to help out my friends and spreading the word. 😉

(Taken from

Ideas for him:

1.    Picnic in the park. This is quick and easy and your lady will love it. Find a spot, grab a few of her favourite snacks, something to add to the mood and you’re sorted.

2.    Love coupons. You’re low on cash, but still want to show your appreciation for your partner. So, why not print out your very own ‘love coupon’ which, essentially, gives her a free pass to things such as breakfast in bed, a foot massage, or even something sexy? Use your imagination!

3.    You’ve spotted the perfect gift for your lady, but it’s mid-month and your bank balance says no. Open a store account, instead, and pay it off at a later date. It will be worth the smile on her face.

4.    Forgotten to make that special booking for dinner? Don’t fret. Bring it home, instead. Make it extra special by imitating the setting and preparation of her favourite dish.  She’ll love the personal touch and because you’re in your own, private space, you won’t have to wait too long for your ‘dessert’.

5.    Give your princess a palace. This may sound like it could break the bank, but get this: it’s actually pocket-friendly! Greet her at the door with a chilled glass of champagne and lead her to a candlelit bubble bath.  Spend the rest of the night treating her like royalty.

Ideas for her:

1.    Good lovin’.  Every once in a while your man wants to be pampered too. So, for Valentine’s Day, run him a bath, give him a massage, followed by a, um, happy ending. This is quick, easy and cheap!

2.    Movie mania.  Pull off a sexy scene from one of his ultimate flicks.

3.    Dust off the sex toys. It’s a win-win. You get the pleasure out of touching and playing with yourself, and he, well,  basks in seeing your glory.

4.    Prepare a home cooked meal and hire his favourite movie, coupled with a gift such as a magazine subscription, or if you have some extra cash to spare buy a voucher for an adventurous activity that the two of you can do together at a later stage. Both are easy to get at the last minute online.

5.    Give him what he wants, not what you want. So scrap the memory boxes, love poems and all things Hallmark. Meet him at the door in the sexiest lingerie you own with his rugby socks on, holding a beer and a sandwich.

Samsung Transparent Smart Window

This has got to be the coolest thing, I have every seen! It is like the future is right outside of our window…(lame joke, Pun intended lol)

The Smart Window is self-explanatory and mind-blowing, and these babies will be out on the streets before the year is out – literal oversized transparent one-way mirrored touchscreen technology is making its way into our homes. The Smart window provides views of both the physical and virtual world, a view which can be manipulated using its blinds app. More than a cool factor, these digital blinds control the amount of actual light that comes in through your Smart Window, eliminating the need for backlight units during the day. This means it consumes only about 10% of the electricity that a standard LCD display its size would. Albeit wanting on the portability scale, this latest surprise from Samsung looks fixed to win… it is after all a simple premise – why buy a hulky desktop when you can surf on your window?” -Hypebeast

Check it out

Steve Jobs Action Figure By In Icons

Check out this kind of creepy but kind of cool, 12in. action figure of the man himself, the late great “Steve Jobs”.

It’s probably only a matter of time before a cease-and-desist letter is issued to stop the sale of the newest Steve Jobs action figure. Until then, fans of the late Apple chief can enjoy these promotional images of the eerily realistic figurine whilst they await its official release. According to Mashable, Chinese toy company In Icons plans to begin selling the dolls in February for $99.” – Huffington Post

Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPhone 4 & 4S

For the people who HATE “touch screen typing”…Here is your SOLUTION!

“This is one phone case that’s just your type.And your relationship with your iPhone 4 device will never be the same! Designed exclusively to fit iPhone 4 devices, our form-fitting case protects and secures with the added convenience of a slide-out wireless keyboard. Now you can answer emails, text, manage your calendar and more on an easy-to-use keyboard–and do it all faster and more efficiently than ever. Bluetooth® v2.0 keyboard charges with the included USB cable for approximately 45 days of use on a single charge.The best of both worlds.
Our Bluetooth® Keyboard Case for iPhone 4 devices provides you with a touchscreen cutout so you can still take advantage of that great iPhone interface whenever you want. You also get full access to cameras, ports and controls. It’s like having all the benefits of a protective phone case with none of the hassles!”Price $79.95

Order here and enjoy!

What do you think…are you going to go back to a qwerty keyboard or just ride out the touch screen wave of the future?

The Top 10 Coolest Stocking Stuffers Part. 2

If you are looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for that very special someone then this is the list you need to be looking at!

Here is my list of the “Top Ten Coolest Stocking Stuffer”. (In no particular order)

*SUPER Racer Sunglasses

“After building a notable following based on the popular Flat Top and Francis models among others, Italian eyewear purveyor SUPER aims to recognize a sportier and flashy aesthetic with its next release by embodying the true flavor of Panamà. This season for the 2011-2012 holiday/spring collection, an exploration of new materials and shapes has led to the release of the Racer. Taking cues from ’70s pilot attire, this new frame comes available in three colorways; black on black, caramel brown, and a leopard-print Havana.”

Price £128.00

Order Here


*Flud Watches-The Butterfly Knife Necklace in Gold

Price $98.00

Order Here


*Heartbeats by Lady Gaga

This one is for that special women in your life!

“Lady Gaga is about pulse-pounding music and jaw dropping fashion. So naturally, her signature Heartbeats in-ear headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre give you both sound that transcends the ordinary headphone along with a fashion-forward style created by Gaga herself. Newly improved with smaller and lighter housing for a better in-ear fit and thinner tangle-free cord, you have fashion and function in one! Now equipped with ControlTalk Universal™, you can take calls from any smart phone and conduct your business in style!”

Price $149.95

Order Here


*The Tayla Iphone Pouch in Red

Another one for the females!

“Smooth leather iPhone pouch with detachable shoulder strap; velvet lining; pinch lock clasp; mirror inside flap closure; front flap pocket; gold hardware; tassel keychain detail.”

Price $80

Order Here


*The Tangerine Dream Pillowcase

I personally would love one of these!!!! 😉
“Have sweet dreams with the Tangerine Dream marijuana pillowcase; features orange and green nugget print on front and soft texture; solid white back.”

Price $55

Order Here

AND the bonus “Stocking Stuffer” is……….

*The Obol, the Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

“Obol® has two sections–an upper area for your cereal, and a lower reservoir for milk. Scoop a spoonful of your cereal into your spoon, then swoop into the milk for the perfect bite every time. Obol® is also great for milk and cookies, soup and crackers, even chips and salsa. Its uses are as unlimited as your imagination! And with its easy-to-hold, textured non-slip grip and rim, you can eat wherever you like–in bed or while watching a movie. Kids love Obol®! And moms will, too. It’s made in the USA from BPA-free, unbreakable polypropylene–and it’s dishwasher-safe.”



The Top 10 Coolest Stocking Stuffers Part. 1

If you are looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for that very special someone then this is the list you need to be looking at!

Here is my list of the “Top Ten Coolest Stocking Stuffer”. (In no particular order)

*COMME des GARCONS Christmas Edition Zipped Wallet

“The COMME des GARCONS Christmas Edition Zipped Wallet, seen here in green.

Especially for Christmas, Comme des Garcons have added a bright iridescent finish to some of their classic styles, creating a range full of decorative festive cheer and shine.

This wallet is given a bright and textured finish that picks up different light to shine in various colours. Internally, it features a slot for paper money, a press-studded coin pouch, and three slots for cards. Fastened with a leather-trimmed gold zipper, it is a classic Christmas piece.

Made in Spain from leather.”

Price £170.00

Order Here

*Joshu+Vela Keychain – Black & Brass

• solid brass marine snap hook
• natural or barrel dyed USA veg tan leather
• 1 1/8″ keyring
• 5.5″ length 1 1/8″ keyring
• 2 oz

Made in our studio

Please allow 7 days for us to make your order and 5-10 days for shipping time.

Price $30.00

Order Here

*Motorhead x The Great Fog 2011 Silver Ring Collection

“Each ring is hand-made, sterling silver and will have its own personal Limited Edition Number engraved in the back, with the first 5 going to the band and management.  To preorder you will need to pay here in full, The Great Frog will then contact you via email and assign you a Limited Edition Number.

Your ring will then be handcrafted before being dispatched within 21 Days.”

Price £90 – £1000

Order Here

*Bathing Ape Metallic Leather Key Holder

Very cool design!

Price $124

Order Here

*Cool Cats for Kangol – Navy beanie

The henceforth classic winter collab between Cool Cats and Kangol is back.

Here is the brand new Cool Cats for Kangol, in a lovely navy colorway !

Featuring the same amazing savoir-faire from legendary brand Kangol, same Cat vs Kangaroo fight embroidery on the cuff, and of course, same iconic Cat’s head and CC font logos designed by So-Me.

One size fits all.

Limited Edition.

Price $60

Order Here

(NeverWet) superhydrophobic spray-on coating

As a collector of  sneakers, this has got to be the coolest thing that I have ever seen! It is like magic in a can…lol

This product is slated to be made available come Mid 2012 and I for one am very excited.

If you want to learn more about this product, you can visit here.