The Dark Knight Rises (Trailer 2)


“The second trailer for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises gives us a better look at what is surely the most anticipated film release for the upcoming year. With better looks at what seems to be an older and more frail Batman, as well as his enemies in the form of Catwoman and Bane, the fevered pitch at which fans pine for the whole shabang is surely evident by how quickly this clip will travel the net. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.” – Hypebeast

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

All I have to say for this movie is, I pray that it is better than the 1st!!!!

Even tho the first installment was so horrible…I  can’t wait to see this new Ghost Rider, in hopes that it FAR exceeds the previous installment by a million times and gives this character the respect he deserves. I am kind of doubtful that it will, but there is a glimmer of hope and this hope, comes  in the form of new directors. The previous Ghost Rider was directed by Mark Steven Johnson, whose claim to fame movies were “Jack Frost”, “Simon Birch”, and “Grumpier Old Men”….. :/ I mean, come on…Were they trying to have this movie be part of “Garbage Movie History”. The new directors that have jumped on board for “Spirit of Vengeance” are Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who have directed the likes of “Crank 1 & 2” and “Gamer”…Now that is a little more like it.

oh and as an added bonus Seth Hoffman co-wrote the screen paly…He worked on titles such as, “Prison Break” and “House MD”. 🙂

“It’s Better In The Wind” a Short film Directed by Scott Toepfer

“It’s Better in the Wind” is a 15 minute short film that puts you in the saddle and behind the handle bars of what being a true “motorcyclist” is all about. Scott Toepfer takes us on an adventure through the western part of the United States, with his friends and family. Their journey was filmed and set to an original track, that Scott and his friend, Chuck Ragan collaborated on.

“I have been slowly editing the footage into a visual scrapbook of sorts for those who partook, and those who followed us via the web. No preaching the triumphs and failures of the motorcycle industry, no divisive commentary between manufacturers and styles…just a collection of imagery that will hopefully inspire more people to take to the road and discover what there is outside of our respective communities.” – Scott Toepfer

This film is the embodiment of what riding a motorcycle is all about! Traveling down the open rode into a new future, as the wind purifies your soul. Leaving the past in the dust… only to see as far back as your mirrors will allow. There is no better feeling then coming home from a LOOOONG DAYS work and jumping on those two wheels to forget about the days problems and discover a new adventure.

Maniac a short film directed by Shia LaBeouf

(I know…I know, this video has been out since Halloween and I’m late but I was very impressed with it and figured I’d throw it up here for the people who have not seen it yet.)

“Maniac” is a short film directed by Shia LaBeouf (Yes, the main actor from “Transformers” and numerous other films).  It was inspired by a Kid Cudi track called “Maniac”, hence the name 🙂 and in my opinion was very well done. The film takes place in an urban setting, with a film crew documenting and following 2 serial killers (one of the serial killers being played by Kid Cudi) as they go on their violent killing spree. The film, tho very violent and graphic, is very promising and has a lot of potential  to be made into a feature film. I loved everything that the film had to offer, from the black an white-esque style that it was shot in, the French narrative, the acting, and even the awesome twist at the end. 😉

Here is Kid Cudi explaining how he prepared for the role.

“When it came time to shoot, it was as real as possible and you were scared of this character. I literally transformed into this person. I didn’t talk much on set, didn’t crack many jokes, I kept to myself.

“It was really cold out there when we were filming in Detroit. We were in the middle of a blizzard and I kind of used that [Laughs.] to add to the character. I tried to become the scariest individual that I could possibly think of.”


WARNING…It gets pretty violent.

2011 Goonies?!


Attack the Block”

Best teenage adventure movie since the “Goonies” (but this one is for adults)…I Know…I know…For some people there will never be another movie like the “Goonies” and I honestly I am one of those people but this movie comes in close 2nd.

Attack the Block is the Goonies with Aliens, blood, foul language and a little bit of Marijuana humor…these things always make a great movie in my book!