The “Paniac Room” By Tilt


This has to be one of the coolest room designs I have ever seen!

“Do you remember seeing The Fresh Prince’s bedroom in the Parents just don’t understandvideo? For those that don’t, it was a graffiti covered room from the ceiling to the floor to the bed. Well in a similar fashion, The Au Vieux Panierhotel in Marseilles, France now has a room of similar magnitude designed by Fatcap & Dunny designer Tilt.” – Kidrobot

Would you stay in this room?


My Dream House!


I have found the house of my dreams! Hopen Place by Whipple Russel Architects is perfect and I one day hope to own a home just like it.

More pics below…What do you guys think?


FatCap Series 3 Trading Party (KRNY)

Sorry for the delay in posting these pictures up!

I had a great time last week at the Fatcap Series 3 release and trading party. I met some really cool people and met an awesome artist by the name of “Queen Andrea”.

Shout out to Lisa…KRNY’s store manger…She was really cool and taught me allot about Kidrobot and designer toys.

Check out some more pics of the store and event below!

Photos below taken by Kidrobot


Huck Gee Signing at KRNY

I attended the “Huck Gee Book Signing Tour” a couple days ago in NYC and it was a pretty cool experience. This is the first “Designer Toy” event type thing that I ever attended, and I was very pleased. Huck Gee was super cool and friendly and seems like an overall cool guy.

I took some pretty crappy pics (Camera phone was basically dead and the flash wouldn’t go on)…and I wasn’t going to post them…but i figured why not…lol

Hope you enjoy!

Here are some pics by the “Kidrobot photographer”

My Latest Tattoo! ) By Gustavo Duarte

This is my latest tattoo that I got. It was done by the very talented “Gustavo Duarte”, who I can’t thank enough!

If you want to get a tattoo from Gus…call Industrial Art at 973-482-4870 or check out there website here!

(DISLAMER…The Pink phone that I am using in this video is my girlfriend’s! lol 😉

Let me know what you think!?

Dean Russo Art

Check out this very cool art from Dean Russo!

“Brooklyn-based artist Dean Russo specializes in mixing mediums and Pop Art. This endearing collection of reproductions of cats and dogs captures a range of emotional tones—from joyous to heartbreaking—all while maintaining the artist’s bright and poppy style.” –