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Journey To The Adirondacks (From 2 Photographers)


Here are just some pics taken by professional photographers with professional cameras. 🙂

JCosta Photography

Michael Angelo Quinones

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10 responses to “Journey To The Adirondacks (From 2 Photographers)

  1. spivoler

    Wow, is it the one in NY state? I used to be rafting there last summer.

  2. Milz

    This trip was amazing !! it was great being around 2 very talented people like yourself and Mickey !! very inspiring ❤

  3. bigron42

    A green army guy named Joe Schmo,
    Trudged out in the cold morning snow;
    He marched and he trained,
    ‘Til one day it rained,
    Without snow he really could go.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  4. eideard

    Har. The vine around that tree is likely poison ivy.

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