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Journey To The Adirondacks

Join me on my journey to the Adirondacks!

This had to be one of the most spontaneous and eye-opening experiences, that I have ever experienced! We went through everything a good road trip entails….Dead battery….Getting pulled over…and staying in the most beautiful part of the country, I have ever seen.

Thank you to Mickey and Jamille for letting me tag along!

Plenty of pics below! Enjoy



13 responses to “Journey To The Adirondacks

  1. A very beautiful place and photos!

  2. They are beautiful aren’t they. I used to live in Maine and up there, that end is breathtaking.

    • OMG it was so beautiful!!! I am not even exaggerating…this trip changed my outlook on life. 😉 lol (I sound cheesy)

      • When you make it up there, you have to go to Acadia state park but you MUST go to Baxter state park. Now there is a north and south entrance into the park, one will be in Milinocket the other in Patten. You go to Baxter, Promise me to start at the Patten end! I’m sure you have heard of slide rock in Sedona Az, same thing in Maine sitting in Baxter. So wonderful sliding on the rocks fast or slow, watching eagles nesting in the pines riverside. Also from the north side coming down you will see far more black bear lumbering around 😉

      • I promise I will and thank you for the tip!!! 🙂 Greatly appreciated!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo journey! 🙂

  4. Mary Jane

    Very awesome. Beautiful pics! 🙂 Keep truckin’.

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