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The “Paniac Room” By Tilt


This has to be one of the coolest room designs I have ever seen!

“Do you remember seeing The Fresh Prince’s bedroom in the Parents just don’t understandvideo? For those that don’t, it was a graffiti covered room from the ceiling to the floor to the bed. Well in a similar fashion, The Au Vieux Panierhotel in Marseilles, France now has a room of similar magnitude designed by Fatcap & Dunny designer Tilt.” – Kidrobot

Would you stay in this room?


11 responses to “The “Paniac Room” By Tilt

  1. Would I stay in this room? Not no, but H— no!

  2. I would.. Its different

  3. Reblogged this on Squad 633 and commented:

  4. Milz

    i would stay in this room !!! especially w/ an L && some muchies LOL

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