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My Dream House!


I have found the house of my dreams! Hopen Place by Whipple Russel Architects is perfect and I one day hope to own a home just like it.

More pics below…What do you guys think?


31 responses to “My Dream House!

  1. I saw it before, maybe in a mail or something.
    That place looks so amazing!

  2. Ravo ⋅

    Shit is fuckin dope as hell….u kno how many new family n friends you’d have lol

  3. lovemcr ⋅

    Wow, this is seriously NICE!

    Also, thanks for the like on my blog. I’m new to this so it means a lot 🙂

  4. Awesome! I love the bedroom. Just a few steps from the bed to the pool! Hope you don’t sleep walk! lol

  5. Like what you’re doing here!

  6. mattravo

    Stop takin pics of my crib when I’m not home….I said u can house sit not put my home on the Internet, messed up man

  7. King

    It’s totally wicked but it’s missing is one thing… a big, crazy house party!

  8. This would be my dream house as well.. you have amazing taste I must say :). Great post

  9. Dog's-ear ⋅

    Is it in L.A.?

  10. Yes, definitely a dream house!

  11. MMJ GIRL

    all the houses look like that out here.modern architecture kills it!!!!!!

  12. You have impeccable taste 😉

  13. mmromance ⋅

    Simply stunning.

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