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10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas!

Just trying to help out my friends and spreading the word. 😉

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Ideas for him:

1.    Picnic in the park. This is quick and easy and your lady will love it. Find a spot, grab a few of her favourite snacks, something to add to the mood and you’re sorted.

2.    Love coupons. You’re low on cash, but still want to show your appreciation for your partner. So, why not print out your very own ‘love coupon’ which, essentially, gives her a free pass to things such as breakfast in bed, a foot massage, or even something sexy? Use your imagination!

3.    You’ve spotted the perfect gift for your lady, but it’s mid-month and your bank balance says no. Open a store account, instead, and pay it off at a later date. It will be worth the smile on her face.

4.    Forgotten to make that special booking for dinner? Don’t fret. Bring it home, instead. Make it extra special by imitating the setting and preparation of her favourite dish.  She’ll love the personal touch and because you’re in your own, private space, you won’t have to wait too long for your ‘dessert’.

5.    Give your princess a palace. This may sound like it could break the bank, but get this: it’s actually pocket-friendly! Greet her at the door with a chilled glass of champagne and lead her to a candlelit bubble bath.  Spend the rest of the night treating her like royalty.

Ideas for her:

1.    Good lovin’.  Every once in a while your man wants to be pampered too. So, for Valentine’s Day, run him a bath, give him a massage, followed by a, um, happy ending. This is quick, easy and cheap!

2.    Movie mania.  Pull off a sexy scene from one of his ultimate flicks.

3.    Dust off the sex toys. It’s a win-win. You get the pleasure out of touching and playing with yourself, and he, well,  basks in seeing your glory.

4.    Prepare a home cooked meal and hire his favourite movie, coupled with a gift such as a magazine subscription, or if you have some extra cash to spare buy a voucher for an adventurous activity that the two of you can do together at a later stage. Both are easy to get at the last minute online.

5.    Give him what he wants, not what you want. So scrap the memory boxes, love poems and all things Hallmark. Meet him at the door in the sexiest lingerie you own with his rugby socks on, holding a beer and a sandwich.

6 responses to “10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas!

  1. Marie Marfia ⋅

    rugby socks! nice touch…

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