FatCap Series 3 Trading Party (KRNY)

Sorry for the delay in posting these pictures up!

I had a great time last week at the Fatcap Series 3 release and trading party. I met some really cool people and met an awesome artist by the name of “Queen Andrea”.

Shout out to Lisa…KRNY’s store manger…She was really cool and taught me allot about Kidrobot and designer toys.

Check out some more pics of the store and event below!

Photos below taken by Kidrobot


The SOPA and PIPA Era Has Already Started!


This is going to be a wild ride!

“Megaupload was shut down on Thursday by the U.S. Justice Department with an indictment against seven of its global executive team on charges including criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit money laundering. This involved the arrest of 4 of them in Auckland, New Zealand. The indictments have since triggered a series of cyber attacks by hacktivist cyber group “Anonymous” on some federal and entertainment industry websites, including the Justice Department, FBI, Universal Music and EMI. This latest rides on the back of the on going SOPA and PIPA struggles.” – Hypebeast

Samsung Transparent Smart Window

This has got to be the coolest thing, I have every seen! It is like the future is right outside of our window…(lame joke, Pun intended lol)

The Smart Window is self-explanatory and mind-blowing, and these babies will be out on the streets before the year is out – literal oversized transparent one-way mirrored touchscreen technology is making its way into our homes. The Smart window provides views of both the physical and virtual world, a view which can be manipulated using its blinds app. More than a cool factor, these digital blinds control the amount of actual light that comes in through your Smart Window, eliminating the need for backlight units during the day. This means it consumes only about 10% of the electricity that a standard LCD display its size would. Albeit wanting on the portability scale, this latest surprise from Samsung looks fixed to win… it is after all a simple premise – why buy a hulky desktop when you can surf on your window?” -Hypebeast

Check it out

Lazy Oaf Spring/Summer Lookbook

If you are looking for a fresh and new style for this upcoming spring then you need to check out “Lazy Oaf”. There spring/summer lookbook seems very promising and I am absolutely loving the upcoming designs for there polo collection. (They are not your dad’s lactose shirts)

You can start looking for this collection in February…In the mean time checkout the collection below and search there website here.

Huck Gee Signing at KRNY

I attended the “Huck Gee Book Signing Tour” a couple days ago in NYC and it was a pretty cool experience. This is the first “Designer Toy” event type thing that I ever attended, and I was very pleased. Huck Gee was super cool and friendly and seems like an overall cool guy.

I took some pretty crappy pics (Camera phone was basically dead and the flash wouldn’t go on)…and I wasn’t going to post them…but i figured why not…lol

Hope you enjoy!

Here are some pics by the “Kidrobot photographer”