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Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPhone 4 & 4S

For the people who HATE “touch screen typing”…Here is your SOLUTION!

“This is one phone case that’s just your type.And your relationship with your iPhone 4 device will never be the same! Designed exclusively to fit iPhone 4 devices, our form-fitting case protects and secures with the added convenience of a slide-out wireless keyboard. Now you can answer emails, text, manage your calendar and more on an easy-to-use keyboard–and do it all faster and more efficiently than ever. Bluetooth® v2.0 keyboard charges with the included USB cable for approximately 45 days of use on a single charge.The best of both worlds.
Our Bluetooth® Keyboard Case for iPhone 4 devices provides you with a touchscreen cutout so you can still take advantage of that great iPhone interface whenever you want. You also get full access to cameras, ports and controls. It’s like having all the benefits of a protective phone case with none of the hassles!”Price $79.95

Order here and enjoy!

What do you think…are you going to go back to a qwerty keyboard or just ride out the touch screen wave of the future?

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