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Pacquiao Vs. Marquez 3

In less than 3 hours…World War 3 will begin…Manny Pacquio (53 wins, 38 knockouts – 3 losses – 2 draws) Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez (53 wins, 39 knockouts – 5 losses – 1 draw) the trilogy!

I for one am very excited for this fight. The first two times that these two boxing titans met, was nothing less than a great battle. The first match was back in 2004, were both competitors weighed in at the featherweight division. Marquez, who was knocked to the canvas 3 times in the first round by Manny, managed to get back on his feet and battle his way back for 12 rounds and eventually end the fight in a draw. The second time, the two met was in 2008 at the super featherweight division and Manny pulled off the victory with a split decision.

I predict…that this will be the “fight of the year”…and of course…I am going with team Pacman!!!!

Tune in at 9pm EST on PayPerView…Until then here are some highlights of both fighters.



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