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Occupy Wall Street

While I can’t say that I totally agree with the view points and stance that this movement is taking, one thing I can say is that I admire and respect their willingness and strength to stand or “occupy” 🙂 for what they believe in.

Many people… who I know, are upset with this movement and have expressed so…with feelings of hate and anger. It is one thing, not to agree with an individual or group’s set way of thinking, but it is another to let the opposite’s opinion blind the heart with anger and disdain.

That goes for both sides…The 1% and the 99%…which ever you consider yourself to be…

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2 responses to “Occupy Wall Street

  1. Josephine Gonzalez ⋅

    I tend to agree with though the protesters are protesting their message is not clear. I do get it thou unemployment, no increases in salary rents are high! Our President is not even saying anything about what is going on. Our economy is in peril and the government turns their back on the problem as though it does not exist!

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