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“It’s Better In The Wind” a Short film Directed by Scott Toepfer

“It’s Better in the Wind” is a 15 minute short film that puts you in the saddle and behind the handle bars of what being a true “motorcyclist” is all about. Scott Toepfer takes us on an adventure through the western part of the United States, with his friends and family. Their journey was filmed and set to an original track, that Scott and his friend, Chuck Ragan collaborated on.

“I have been slowly editing the footage into a visual scrapbook of sorts for those who partook, and those who followed us via the web. No preaching the triumphs and failures of the motorcycle industry, no divisive commentary between manufacturers and styles…just a collection of imagery that will hopefully inspire more people to take to the road and discover what there is outside of our respective communities.” – Scott Toepfer

This film is the embodiment of what riding a motorcycle is all about! Traveling down the open rode into a new future, as the wind purifies your soul. Leaving the past in the dust… only to see as far back as your mirrors will allow. There is no better feeling then coming home from a LOOOONG DAYS work and jumping on those two wheels to forget about the days problems and discover a new adventure.

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