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Maniac a short film directed by Shia LaBeouf

(I know…I know, this video has been out since Halloween and I’m late but I was very impressed with it and figured I’d throw it up here for the people who have not seen it yet.)

“Maniac” is a short film directed by Shia LaBeouf (Yes, the main actor from “Transformers” and numerous other films).  It was inspired by a Kid Cudi track called “Maniac”, hence the name 🙂 and in my opinion was very well done. The film takes place in an urban setting, with a film crew documenting and following 2 serial killers (one of the serial killers being played by Kid Cudi) as they go on their violent killing spree. The film, tho very violent and graphic, is very promising and has a lot of potential  to be made into a feature film. I loved everything that the film had to offer, from the black an white-esque style that it was shot in, the French narrative, the acting, and even the awesome twist at the end. 😉

Here is Kid Cudi explaining how he prepared for the role.

“When it came time to shoot, it was as real as possible and you were scared of this character. I literally transformed into this person. I didn’t talk much on set, didn’t crack many jokes, I kept to myself.

“It was really cold out there when we were filming in Detroit. We were in the middle of a blizzard and I kind of used that [Laughs.] to add to the character. I tried to become the scariest individual that I could possibly think of.”


WARNING…It gets pretty violent.

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  1. millz ⋅

    lets see it !

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