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Trickers X Superdenim – Brown 3 Ways Stow Boot

You have to love when quality and style come together… in-order to form a master piece, that is called the “3 Way Stow Boot“. Designed and made by a British bespoke shoemaker “Trickers” and an online shoe retailer “Super Denim“. This collaboration, (which comes in limited quantities) definitely captures the essence of classic sophistication with an urban twist. The Shoe/Boot features 3 different types of leathers and is made in England. Much like this collaboration, the classic and nostalgic qualities of the suede facings, waxed leather wingtip toes and counter work together and balance the rough and urban appearance and feel of the Scothgrain Leather vamp.

If you can appreciate this work of art as much as I can and have the cash (£355.00 or $485.93)…

Head over to and pick up a pair for yourself and one for me! 😉 lol (Size 11)

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