Cool Cats X Lacoste L!VE

If you are trying to buy some fresh gear for the Holiday’s…this is the way to go!

Just in time for those chilly winter months…The collaboration between contemporary label “Lacoste L!VE” and Parisian creative collective “Cool Cats”  is definitely looking better than your grandmother’s hand knit sweaters. lol 😉 (Sorry Grandma!)

“In this collection we see a reworked version of some of Lacoste’s signature pieces that are detailed by joint graphics, which uses both brands’ recognized logos/characters as the subjects.” – Hypebeast

This awesome coll-ab is scheduled to be released next month, with some pieces being made available online.

Jamille Costa X Harley Davidson Nightster Part. 2

Here is Part 2 of the “Jamille Costa X Harley Davidson Nightster” photo shoot…enjoy!

If you have not seen Part 1…Click Here!

“This has got to be the best gift, that I have ever received!

Thank you to the love of my life for taking the time out of her very busy schedule, to give me a very special photo-shoot including the other love of my life,  my 2011 Harley Davidson Nightster.

I know a lot of hard work and planning went into this and I am so very appreciative and proud of you. XOXO :*

Photographer: Shaina May S / Model: Jamille Costa AKA My Girl 😉 / Hair: Caroline Rosario / Stylist: Ashley LeRae – Thank you all!”

-(exert from “Jamille Costa X Harley Davidson Nightster”)

(NeverWet) superhydrophobic spray-on coating

As a collector of  sneakers, this has got to be the coolest thing that I have ever seen! It is like magic in a can…lol

This product is slated to be made available come Mid 2012 and I for one am very excited.

If you want to learn more about this product, you can visit here.

The Truth Behind Marijuana

Why is it that…the people who are most against Marijuana, are the ones, who are the most ignorant about the subject? These people choose to fight facts with myths, instead of really taking the time out to research and study what it is that they are condemning. They rather float along with the popular opinion and go on a Marijuana “Witch Hunt”…Why?… What is the point of seeing innocent lives “burnt at the stake” or thrown in jail because you are to lazy or selectively ignorant to the truth. If you choose to be  ignorant on any subject, then you have NO RIGHT to JUDGE or CONDEMN!

If you want to learn the TRUTH, watch the Documentary above and other Documentaries like it. Formulate your OWN opinion, whether good or bad, based on truths and facts.



Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris_We Found Love (Twinz Beatz Mix)

If you are a sucker for hard-hitting bass drops or just love good electronic house, then “Twinz Beatz” is who you need to be looking out for! Brothers… Joe and Josh Rodriguez of “Twinz Beatz” were born and raised in Hudson County, New Jersey but now reside and produce/DJ out of sunny Miami, Florida. Their latest album, “Vocals Are Overrated” is available now, on iTunes and is sure to get your hands in the air and feet moving. These two have what it takes to make it big musically and I would definitely keep an eye out (rather ear) for them in the future. The music, speaks for itself.

CHECK  out their latest remix above and enjoy!

For remixes or to book “Twinz Beatz”, contact… Q Fortune 303-496-7379 or email

Here is there official Facebook page…Head over there and check out more music or just show some love!